SENTRY Dual Frequency (Binary, Trinary, French, SMART and Code Hopping) Four Button

An innovative, frequency agile learning remote incorporating legacy and modern code-hopping technology. Learns 403.55MHz as well as 433.92MHz transmitters.

The Dual Four Button remote control is a new, innovative wireless learning transmitter capable of operating in both frequency bands and capable of learning fixed code as well as code-hopping.

All those lagacy Binary, Trinary, SMART and French Code Transmitters can be replaced by this ONE product. And each button on the remote can be programmed individually.

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Technical Specifications

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Product Information         

Power Source:
Output Power:
Type Approvals:

12V Battery (23A)
ICASA TA-2004/741
ETSI 300 220-1
CE Mark
ETSI 300 683

METX4-D (4 Button)

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