SENTRY Wireless Access LED Keypad

The Sentry Wireless Access Control LED Keypad provide affordable stand-alone access control at an entrance of a property or a buiding.

The SENTRY access control keypad can accommodate up to 1000 unigue PIN codes, with any user defined length from 1 to 10 digits. There are up to 15 channels to activate various periperals with.
A memory module is provided for backup and restoring of information

Main Product Features

  • 1000 unique codes
  • Backup memory module
  • Integrated movement sensor
  • 15 channels
  • Selectively add and delete user codes
  • Easy Installation due to no wires required
  • 1 - 10 Digit Codes
  • Fixed and Variable Code length modes availible

Technical Specifications

Ordering Codes

Product Information         

Power Source:

2 x AA battries (3V)
403MHz & 433MHz


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