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Roll-up Garage Door Operator.

The new revised Roll-up Garage Door Operator is the revised version of the product, featuring many improvements and ehancements over the previous version. This motor operates with electronic limits which is a tremendous improvement over previous limit switch based designs. The installer's job is simplified in that there are no limit cams and screws to adjust, the limit is "learnt" electronically! Installation has also been greatly simplified in many ways. The wall console is much smaller and lighter, there are now only three wires between the motorised "head unit" and the wall console (communication via single-wire bus) and the system is a true 24-volt battery backed up type, delivering impressive amounts of torque for even the heaviest doors. Attention has also been paid to the head unit, which now features a much shorter form factor to allow installation on doors that have side plates (most commonly KRAZI-DOOR and other imported types).